Are you wanting to grow your business but feel confused about how to get traction on
social media ?
Read on as this program was made for you!

You know you should be serving clients consistently, but you can’t seem to get any traction online and feel like you are talking to yourself whenever you post.

2020 has changed how we do business. While in the past you might have relied on face to face networking to connect with potential clients, recent events have meant that businesses need to pivot and get online or go under – and it is exactly the same situation for writers who want to become the experts in their field. It’s easier said than done though when you only have a small list of contacts and while everyone else looks like they are crushing it on social media, all you are hearing is crickets.

Believe me, I get it!

You see, for years, I attended conferences and seminars, followed every so called guru online and invested literally thousands into business coaching………. however I was still invisible online.

Nobody was visiting my website. 

Nobody was buying my stuff.

To be honest, it wasn’t just my finances and list size that were dismal, my self-confidence took a huge hit too. I have always been someone that would set goals and achieve them and as an introvert who lives with chronic pain, I knew that writing, along with an online business could give me the freedom and lifestyle that I yearned for. However, no matter how I tried, I just could not “crack the online code.” I got distracted by other peoples’ agendas and stopped believing in myself. 

Finally, something clicked when I realised that the answer was right in front of me – I already had the key to growing my online business! I started purposely disconnecting from many of the voices that I had been getting confused by. I invested in a coach who understood my passion to serve and empower small business owners, writers, coaches and solopreneurs, dialled in my messaging and things started to change.

You see – I had already built two businesses in my 40s intuitively doing this one thing, and I realised that this thing was the missing key for my online coaching business…..

I had built my own community full of people who were my ideal client, using a FREE tool – Facebook Groups!

And now I want to show you how to leverage the power of Facebook Groups to grow your business and influence!


Groups Attraction Formula

The course designed especially for purpose-driven people like you, who are wanting to not just sell books or launch a business, but create a transformative movement!

Prepare to go from crickets to booked up.

Bonus One!

So that you can get the most out of your course, you will receive:

  • Unlimited Email Access to Cat.
  • A Printable Workbook to get the most out of the video modules.  
  • 2x 20 min Zoom check ins

Bonus Two!

Your complete Social Media pack containing: 

  • Cat’s own 30 day content calendar adapted to your needs on Fb and Instagram
  • A selection of ebooks to help you utilise Social Media more effectively.
  • LIMITED BONUS: Your 1 hour Personal Online Strategy Session with Cat to look at your online presence (Only available to the first 10 enrolees each month)

Bonus Three!

Cat’s Life Audit Workshop which includes: 

  • A video where Cat walks you through the Life Audit exercise in detail, enabling you to complete the Life Wheel diagram to reveal what areas of your life are going well for you and those that need work.
  • A printable workbook which guides you through creating your own personal Life Audit retreat.



Total Value = $4341 US

Your special price – just $497 US!

Wanting faster results?

UPGRADE to the VIP Package! 

On top of getting all of the Groups Attraction Formula elements and bonuses, by upgrading to the VIP package, you will get SO MUCH MORE!

Total Value = $9052 US

The Groups Attraction Formula is perfect for you if you . . .

It’s time to stop chasing and finally start attracting the people who need your expertise!

It’s not about just learning the mechanics of setting up a Facebook Group. It’s about creating a community that is engaged and eager for the service, product or transformation that you can help them achieve. 

Don’t let another week go by, posting random messages all over social media, hoping that someone will respond!

It’s time! Time for you to bring your unique message to the people that are waiting for you. The Groups Attraction Formula will help you put all of the pieces in place as you create a community that is aligned with your branding, message, values and purpose. 

It’s time to take your message to the world!

I’m a qualified Educator, Personal Trainer and Life Coach, lover of cats, Prosecco and dark chocolate, and a champion of midlife business owners! I am an international speaker, the best selling author of the 21 Hacks series, host of the Rocking Midlife® Podcast and passionate about seeing people just like you, ditch the internal and external clutter so that you can stop procrastinating, get unstuck and create the purposeful life and business of your dreams.

Sound good? 

I’ve experienced my own midlife reinventions, including launching businesses with all of the highs and lows that accompany that adventure. I’ve also helped numerous people navigate their business and life transitions too. Launching in your 40s, 50s or beyond comes with its own set of challenges – the most common being the question of “am I too old?” and I am here to remind you that it is never too late to have a new beginning in life!

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You’re right! It isn’t that difficult to start a group, however this course goes way past the mechanics and looks at branding, moderation and strategy as well!

Absolutely! No question is deemed silly! Remember too that you have unlimited email access to me over the 6 weeks duration of the coure!

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Absolutely! The Groups Attraction Formula has been put together especially for new businesses or businesses who have had little to no online presence. 

Obviously I can’t guarantee your group’s results. You may not be in a large demographic or need to hone your messaging more. I do offer a 7 day guarantee for the Groups Attraction Formula program, however I am confident that you won’t need it. 


The Groups Attraction Formula

Total Value = $4341 US

 Get all of this for just $497 US!

Are you ready to finally lose the stress of hustling for clients and create your own community of people eager to buy from you instead?

Don’t delay – your people are 

waiting for you!

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Total Value = $9052 US

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