The Groups Attraction Formula Mentoring Program - the Premium solution for Authors, Speakers, Coaches & Biz Owners who want to create Engaged, Aligned and Profitable Online Communities!

Why waste time waiting and hoping to be invited to speak to someone else's audience, when you can be growing your own?


Groups Attraction Formula

The course designed especially for purpose-driven people like you, who are wanting to not just sell books or build a business, but are committed to creating a movement!

Prepare to go from crickets to booked up.

Bonus One!

So that you can get the most out of your course, you will receive:

  • Unlimited Email Access to Cat for support and feedback.
  • A Printable Workbook to get the most out of the video modules.  

Bonus Two!

Your complete Social Media pack containing: 

  • A 30 day content planner
  • A selection of ebooks to help you utilise Social Media more effectively.
  • LIMITED BONUS: Your 1 hour Personal Online Strategy Session with Cat to look at your online presence (Only available to the first 10 enrolees each month)

Bonus Three!

Cat’s Life Audit Workshop which includes: 

  • A video where Cat walks you through the Life Audit exercise in detail, enabling you to complete the Life Wheel diagram to reveal what areas of your life are going well for you and those that need work.
  • A printable workbook which guides you through creating your own personal Life Audit retreat.



Total Value = $2291 US

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UPGRADE to the VIP Package! 

On top of getting all of the Groups Attraction Formula elements and bonuses, upgrade to the VIP package, and get SO MUCH MORE!

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The Groups Attraction Formula is perfect for you if you . . .

It’s time to stop chasing and finally start attracting the people who need your expertise!

It’s not about just learning the mechanics of setting up a Facebook Group. It’s about creating a community that is engaged and eager for the service, product or transformation that you can help them achieve. 

Don’t let another week go by, posting random messages all over social media, hoping that someone will respond!

It’s time! Time for you to bring your unique message to the people that are waiting for you. The Groups Attraction Formula will help you put all of the pieces in place as you create a community that is aligned with your branding, message, values and purpose. 

It’s time to take your message to the world!

I’m a qualified Educator, Personal Trainer and Life Coach, lover of cats, Prosecco and dark chocolate, and a champion of midlife business owners! 

I am an international speaker, the best selling author of the 21 Hacks series, host of the Rocking Midlife® Podcast and passionate about seeing people just like you, ditch the internal and external clutter so that you can stop procrastinating, get unstuck and create the purposeful life and business of your dreams.

Sound good? 

I’ve experienced my own midlife reinventions, including transforming from a homeschooling mother to an international speaker, author, podcaster and coach, and I’ve had the honour of helping other people navigate their businesses and life transitions too. 

If you are an aspiring – or even an established author, speaker or coach – it’s time to stop relying on other people to invite you to their table, and create your own instead, so that you can help the people YOU are called to serve.

Let’s do this! 

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You’re right! It isn’t that difficult to start a group, however this course goes way past the mechanics and looks at branding, moderation and strategy as well!

Absolutely! No question is deemed silly! Remember too that you have unlimited email access to me over the 6 weeks duration of the coure!

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Absolutely! The Groups Attraction Formula has been put together especially for new businesses or businesses who have had little to no online presence. 

Obviously I can’t guarantee your group’s results. You may not be in a large demographic or need to hone your messaging more. I do offer a 7 day guarantee for the Groups Attraction Formula program, however I am confident that you won’t need it. 


The Groups Attraction Formula

Total Value = $2291 US

For you, JUST $297!

Are you ready to finally lose the stress of hustling for clients & create your OWN community of people eager to buy from you instead?

Don’t delay – your people are 

waiting for you!

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Total value = $5291 US

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