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Schooling at Home adventure!

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1. Free PDF: Schooling at Home-Practical hacks to help you ROCK your Homeschooling Experience!  

Learn 10 easy, practical hacks that you can apply right now to make your schooling at home experience far more fun for the entire family. Written by Cat, a former highschool teacher, lecturer and 6 year homeschooling veteran, this PDF is a FREE gift for you!

2. Printable: Homeschool Start-Up Workbook!  

This is a workbook to help you navigate your homeschooling options. Learn the laws and work out if and how it’ll fit with your family. It’s a wonderful guide to help with important homeschooling decisions!

3. Book: 21 Hacks to ROCK your Life! – the TEEN Edition  

Complete with the step-by-step exercises from the original version, but written especially for teenagers, to help them learn how to set goals, get focussed and create habits to help them succeed!
*NZ residents – whenever you order a paperback version for your teen, 15% is donated to the I’m Enough Initiative! 

4. Workbook & Video: Your Life Audit!

The perfect exercise to help you to assess where your life is at right now, so that you can make the right decisions to help you create the future you really want!
Why not complete a Life Audit as a family exercise? Being a digital download, you can print copies of the workbook for each family member. Featured in all of the 21 Hacks books, this exercise is perfect for helping tweens, teens and adults get clear about what they want to achieve in life. 

Finally – be sure to watch this interview about how best to navigate the digital age your children are growing up in. 

It’s a different world to the one that we grew up in, and more than ever, it is important to raise resilient kids! Tune in to another unscripted episode of the Rocking Midlife® Podcast where I am interviewing Natalie Cutler-Welsh and Cathy Mellett – the founder of the “I’m Enough” charity that aims to support parents and educators in keeping kids safe online.

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