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Turning 40 is more than just a “big birthday with a 0 at the end of it.” It’s a time when many women suddenly realise that life is about to change – and very quickly!

From empty nest, to ageing parents, to menopause along with all of its fun surprises -the midlife adventure is like one huge roller coaster ride. 

I’m here to tell you though that your best years are far from over as midlife can also be an amazing time of life.

Imagine emerging into the world, blinking in the sunlight and realising that after so many years of putting others first – it is now time to bring your dreams to life? 

Imagine creating the purposeful business that you have 

always wanted – a business that enables you to serve your perfect client and make your mark on the world while also helping you make bank? 

Imagine getting rid of the mental and physical clutter that has held you back for years?

It’s your time now girl, and even though reinvention can feel overwhelming – especially when you are wanting to so something you’ve never tried before – you don’t need to do it alone. 

With the support from someone who not only knows the theory, but who has also reinvented and launched businesses at midlife – you’ve got this!

The Personal Online Strategy Session

Reap the benefit of having a fresh set of eyes analyse your branding and online presence across all of your platforms.

The Groups Attraction Formula

Learn how to turn strangers into loyal customers – even with a small list – through the power of Facebook Groups!

VIP Personal Coaching Package

Personalised coaching to help you clear your clutter and take action on creating your purposeful life and business.

The Personal Online Strategy Session​

Many entrepreneurs post to different social media platforms haphazardly, and wonder why no one understands exactly what they are offering. Reap the benefit of a fresh set of eyes as Cat assesses your social media profile across all platforms. During a live 60 min session delivered via Zoom, Cat will help you create a strategy that answers the following:

“Cat’s knowledge of wellness, combined with her experiences shared as stories, engages her workshop participants authentically. She strategically weaves personal and small group activities into the presentation allowing hands-on connection with concepts shared. I recommend Cat as an engaging and value-added workshop presenter.”


The Groups Attraction Formula Program

Learn how to turn strangers into loyal customers through the power of Facebook Groups! The Groups Attraction Formula is Cat’s signature program where she teaches you how you can build your business, even if just starting out or with just a handful of followers. The Groups Attraction Formula program includes the following:

“I was privileged to hear Cat speak at a recent conference in California, and with just her opening line, my heart was moved. She has the ability to speak to directly to you, your thoughts, yes even in a crowded room of over 100 persons. Perhaps it was because I recognised her genuine desire to open up and be raw right off the bat, to be vulnerable, and to share. Or the simpler (and more potent) fact that Cat is such a relatable person. Honest. Authentic. Genuine.”


VIP Personal Coaching Package​

Want results quickly? Cat takes on a limited number of VIP clients every quarter so that she can give them her best.  VIP coaching is fully personalised, but follows Cat’s framework of Design, Create and Live. VIP clients can expect the following:

“Cat Coluccio is an inspiration to Midlife women, encouraging them to be their best self. She spoke at an event I hosted and her strength lies in her courage to be vulnerable. She has a powerful voice that resonates with the Midlife woman looking to rock her life.”


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